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The right choice in business today is about projecting the right image for your product with endless aesthetic options.

Labels and stickers are what give an identity to a product. If a product does not come with a label, it loses its value. The reason for this is that the brand of the product is indicated by means of the label or sticker. Classique labels, featuring as frontrunners in the race of labels manufacturers in UAE, realize the responsibility that we hold towards our customers. Our patrons, who trust us to provide them with nothing lesser than the best, believe that we would go to any length so that they may get the perfect product.

We Deliver 

Our offset printing produce high resolution images that are sure to capture our customer's attention. We are able to print on paper and also film if the application demands outdoor or highend solutions. We are also able to laminate the image to seal and protect the graphics from some of the most extreme conditions and to protect against rub and scratching.

We Innovate

"We'd love to share with you what makes Classique innovative, our confidence comes from what we deliver, not just what we claim. Our Labels and Packaging speaks volume without screaming for attention."

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