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Peel and Read Labels

The requirements for more information to be added to labels have expanded recently with new EEC rules and regulations. 


Can a label sell my products yet still remain legal? Can I fit all my instructions or ingredients onto my label?  Can I fit on foreign languages for my export labels? 

The answer is yes! Peel and Read labels are the answer.

We can produce multi-layer labels with no restrictions to colours on any layer.  The labels are hinged at one end and easily peel back to reveal text on either the underside and or base layer.
Uses for Peel and Read labels include:

Food Labels Cooking instructions
Vitamin Labels Storage and Product information
Chemical Labels Instructions – Dosage – warning information
Export Labels Multi language
Competitions Terms and Conditions
Redeemable Coupons Tear off coupons



The Front page will sell your product as always, while the other layers fulfil the legal requirements.

Peel and Read can now be produced digitally as well as conventionally, making small quantities, multiple sorts and variable data a real, highly effective option.


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